May 1, Tuesday For Trying Out Loud
May 2, Wednesday For the Fun of It
May 3, Thursday Grand Opening I
May 4, Friday Grand Opening II
May 5, Saturday NEW SHOW:
Child's Play
May 7, Monday Secrets
May 8, Tuesday Plan B I - Missing in Action
May 9, Wednesday Plan B II - Collision Course
May 10, Thursday Plan B III - Crossfire
May 11, Friday Plan B IV - Resistance
May 12, Saturday NEW SHOW:
Something Old, Something New I
May 14, Monday Under the Influence I
May 15, Tuesday Under the Influence II
May 16, Wednesday The Black Veil I
May 17, Thursday The Black Veil II
May 18, Friday Twisting Pathway
May 19, Saturday NEW SHOW:
Something Old, Something New II
May 21, Monday Sheep's Clothing
May 22, Tuesday Box of Miracles
May 23, Wednesday The Unraveling
May 24, Thursday Exceptional Circumstances
May 25, Friday Expect the Worst
May 26, Saturday The Green Ring Conspiracy I
May 28, Monday Exactly As Planned
May 29, Tuesday Exit
May 30, Wednesday The Adventure of the Adventure
May 31, Thursday Inside the Studio

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