May 1, Friday Another Chance
May 2, Saturday Discovering Odyssey:
Thank You, God
May 4, Monday The Last Resort
May 5, Tuesday The Final Conflict
May 6, Wednesday Love Is In the Air I
May 7, Thursday Love Is In the Air II
May 8, Friday W-O-R-R-Y
May 9, Saturday Discovering Odyssey:
The Ill-Gotten Deed
May 11, Monday Easy Money
May 12, Tuesday Do, for a Change
May 13, Wednesday Pokenberry Falls, R.F.D. I
May 14, Thursday Pokenberry Falls, R.F.D. II
May 15, Friday Welcome Home, Mr. Blackgaard
May 16, Saturday Discovering Odyssey:
For Better or For Worse I
May 18, Monday The Pretty Good Samaritan
May 19, Tuesday Letting Go
May 20, Wednesday B-TV: Compassion
May 21, Thursday St. Paul: Voyage to Rome
May 22, Friday St. Paul: An Appointment with Caesar
May 23, Saturday Discovering Odyssey:
For Better or For Worse II
May 25, Monday With a Little Help from My Friends
May 26, Tuesday Blessings in Disguise
May 27, Wednesday The Time of Our Lives
May 28, Thursday What Are You Gonna Do with Your Life?
May 29, Friday Memories of Jerry
May 30, Saturday Kidsboro:
Kidsboro I

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