FRI. 1   It Sure Seemed Like It To Me
SAT. 2   Friend or Foe
MON. 4   The Shepherd and the Giant
TUES. 5   A Single Vote
WED. 6   Heroes
THURS. 7   Thank You, God
FRI. 8   Karen
SAT. 9   Crash Course
MON. 11   Connie I
TUES. 12   Connie II
WED. 13   The Sacred Trust
THURS. 14   By Faith, Noah
FRI. 15   The Prodigal, Jimmy
SAT. 16   Out of the Picture
MON. 18   A Matter of Obedience
TUES. 19   A Worker Approved
WED. 20   And When You Pray...
THURS. 21   The Boy Who Didn't Go to Church
FRI. 22   Let This Mind Be In You
SAT. 23   Divided We Fall
MON. 25   A Good and Faithful Servant
TUES. 26   The Greatest of These
WED. 27   Bad Company
THURS. 28   The Imagination Station I
FRI. 29   The Imagination Station II
Much Ado about Jealousy

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