WED. 1   Red Wagons and Pink Flamingos
THURS. 2   Blackbeard's Treasure
FRI. 3   I Want My B-TV!
SAT. 4   Home Again I
MON. 6   The Truth About Zachary
TUES. 7   Preacher's Kid
WED. 8   The Good, the Bad, & Butch
THURS. 9   Share & Share Alike
FRI. 10   All the Difference in the World
SAT. 11   Home Again II
MON. 13   St. Paul: The Man from Tarsus
TUES. 14   St. Paul: Set Apart By God
WED. 15   A Victim of Circumstance
THURS. 16   Poetry in Slow Motion
FRI. 17   Subject Yourself
SAT. 18   Cycle of Fear
MON. 20   The Perfect Witness I
TUES. 21   The Perfect Witness II
WED. 22   The Perfect Witness III
THURS. 23   Rewards in Full
FRI. 24   Top This!
SAT. 25   The Case of the Ball Cap Hero
MON. 27   The Underground Railroad I
TUES. 28   The Underground Railroad II
WED. 29   The Underground Railroad III
THURS. 30   B-TV: Envy
FRI. 31   Hidden in My Heart

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