SAT.   1 The Green Ring Conspiracy IX
MON.   3 Aloha Oy! I
TUES.   4 Aloha Oy! II
WED.   5 Aloha Oy! III
THURS.   6 Naturally, I Assumed...
FRI.   7 Afraid, Not!
SAT.   8 The Green Ring Conspiracy X
MON.   10 A Prayer for George Barclay
TUES.   11 When Bad Isn't So Good
WED.   12 Making the Grade
THURS.   13 War of the Words
FRI.   14 Pet Peeves
SAT.   15 The Green Ring Conspiracy XI
MON.   17 It Began with a Rabbit's Foot...
TUES.   18 ...It Ended with a Handshake
WED.   19 Fences
THURS.   20 Two Brothers...and Bernard I
FRI.   21 Two Brothers...and Bernard II
SAT.   22 The Green Ring Conspiracy XII
MON.   24 The Secret Keys of Discipline
TUES.   25 First-Hand Experience
WED.   26 Second Thoughts
THURS.   27 Third Degree
FRI.   28 It Happened at Four Corners
SAT.   29 The Inspiration Station I
MON.   31 The Fifth House on the Left I

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