FRI. 1   Unbecoming Jay
SAT. 2   A Class Act
MON. 4   Childish Things
TUES. 5   The Labyrinth I
WED. 6   The Labyrinth II
THURS. 7   The Labyrinth III
FRI. 8   To Mend or Repair
SAT. 9   Terror from the Skies
MON. 11   Mistaken for Good
TUES. 12   Sergeant York I
WED. 13   Sergeant York II
THURS. 14   Sergeant York III
FRI. 15   Sergeant York IV
SAT. 16   Moses: The Passover I
MON. 18   Child's Play
TUES. 19   Something Old, Something New I
WED. 20   Something Old, Something New II
THURS. 21   The Perfect Church I
FRI. 22   The Perfect Church II
SAT. 23   Moses: The Passover II
MON. 25   Great Expectations
TUES. 26   For Three Dollars More
WED. 27   The Bible Network
THURS. 28   Happy Hunting
FRI. 29   The Holy Hoopster
SAT. 30   Tom for Mayor I

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