WED. 1   By Any Other Name
THURS. 2   Bad Luck
FRI. 3   Isaac the Courageous
SAT. 4   A Penny Saved
MON. 6   Two Sides to Every Story
TUES. 7   A...Is for Attitude
WED. 8   First Love
THURS. 9   Curious, Isn't It?
FRI. 10   Suspicious Minds
SAT. 11   You're Two Kind
MON. 13   The Big Broadcast
TUES. 14   An Act of Mercy
WED. 15   Isaac the Benevolent
THURS. 16   The Trouble with Girls
FRI. 17   What Happened to the Silver Streak?
SAT. 18   A Penny Earned
MON. 20   Better Late Than Never
TUES. 21   Pranks for the Memories
WED. 22   Missing Person
THURS. 23   Castles & Cauldrons I
FRI. 24   Castles & Cauldrons II
SAT. 25   To Mend or Repair
MON. 27   The Winning Edge
TUES. 28   All's Well with Boswell
WED. 29   Wishful Thinking
THURS. 30   Have You No Selpurcs?

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