MON. 1   The Champ of the Camp
TUES. 2   Dead Ends
WED. 3   The Poor Rich Guy
THURS. 4   A Cheater Cheated
FRI. 5   Bringing Up Dads
SAT. 6   The Pilot I
MON. 8   Broken-Armed and Dangerous
TUES. 9   The Impossible
WED. 10   Three O'Clock Call
THURS. 11   Switch
FRI. 12   Now More Than Ever
SAT. 13   The Pilot II
MON. 15   Around the Block
TUES. 16   My Favorite Thing
WED. 17   A Time for Action I
THURS. 18   A Time for Action II
FRI. 19   Cover of Darkness
SAT. 20   The Ties That Bind I
MON. 22   Out of Our Hands
TUES. 23   Blood, Sweat, and Fears
WED. 24   The Nudge
THURS. 25   Bernard and Jeremiah
FRI. 26   Mum's the Word
SAT. 27   The Ties That Bind II
MON. 29   The Family Next Door
TUES. 30   Like Father, Like Wooton

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