SAT. 1   Worst Day Ever
MON. 3   A Matter of Obedience
TUES. 4   A Worker Approved
WED. 5   And When You Pray...
THURS. 6   The Boy Who Didn't Go to Church
FRI. 7   Let This Mind Be In You
SAT. 8   The Girl in the Sink
MON. 10   A Good and Faithful Servant
TUES. 11   The Greatest of These
WED. 12   Bad Company
THURS. 13   The Imagination Station I
FRI. 14   The Imagination Station II
SAT. 15   The Malted Milkball Falcon
MON. 17   Choices
TUES. 18   Go Ye Therefore
WED. 19   An Encounter with Mrs. Hooper
THURS. 20   A Bite of Applesauce
FRI. 21   Eugene's Dilemma
SAT. 22   Unbecoming Jay
MON. 24   Connie Goes to Camp I
TUES. 25   Connie Goes to Camp II
WED. 26   The Nemesis I
THURS. 27   The Nemesis II
FRI. 28   Our Best Vacation Ever
SAT. 29   The Day Independence Came

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