June 1, Wednesday Family Values
June 2, Thursday The Mysterious Stranger I
June 3, Friday The Mysterious Stranger II
June 4, Saturday The Inspiration Station I
June 6, Monday My Fair Bernard
June 7, Tuesday Why Don't You Grow Up?
June 8, Wednesday Terror from the Skies
June 9, Thursday The Case of the Delinquent Disciples
June 10, Friday The Bad Hair Day
June 11, Saturday The Inspiration Station II
June 13, Monday Pilgrim's Progress Revisited I
June 14, Tuesday Pilgrim's Progress Revisited II
June 15, Wednesday Truth, Trivia, and 'Trina
June 16, Thursday The Boy Who Cried "Destructo!"
June 17, Friday The Potential in Elliot
June 18, Saturday Clutter
June 20, Monday Aloha Oy! I
June 21, Tuesday Aloha Oy! II
June 22, Wednesday Aloha Oy! III
June 23, Thursday Naturally, I Assumed...
June 24, Friday Afraid, Not!
June 25, Saturday Game for a Mystery
June 27, Monday A Prayer for George Barclay
June 28, Tuesday When Bad Isn't So Good
June 29, Wednesday Making the Grade
June 30, Thursday War of the Words

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