WED. 1   More Like Alicia
THURS. 2   Arizona Sunrise
FRI. 3   Faster Than a Speeding Ticket
SAT. 4   A Penny Earned
MON. 6   Hide and Seek
TUES. 7   The Graduate
WED. 8   Malachi's Message I
THURS. 9   Malachi's Message II
FRI. 10   Malachi's Message III
SAT. 11   Childish Things
MON. 13   Natural Born Leader
TUES. 14   BTV: Forgiveness
WED. 15   In All Things Give Thanks
THURS. 16   A Lesson from Mike
FRI. 17   The Devil Made Me Do It
SAT. 18   The Labyrinth I
MON. 20   Buried Sin
TUES. 21   Gloobers
WED. 22   The Tower
THURS. 23   Not-So-Trivial Pursuits
FRI. 24   Opening Day
SAT. 25   The Labyrinth II
MON. 27   Another Man's Shoes
TUES. 28   Telemachus I
WED. 29   Telemachus II
THURS. 30   Passages: Fletcher's Rebellion I
FRI. 31   Passages: Fletcher's Rebellion II

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