MON.   2 Passages: Darien's Rise VI
TUES.   3 Passages: Darien's VII
WED.   4 Passages: Darien's Rise VIII
THURS.   5 Passages: Darien's Rise IX
FRI.   6 Game for a Mystery
SAT.   7 A Big Commitment
MON.   9 The Inspiration Station I
TUES.   10 The Inspiration Station II
WED.   11 Clutter
THURS.   12 Target of the Week
FRI.   13 For the Birds
SAT.   14 Dinner Roll Models
MON.   16 When You're Right, You're Right
TUES.   17 Grandma's Visit
WED.   18 Finish What You...
THURS.   19 The Mystery of the Clock Tower I
FRI.   20 The Mystery of the Clock Tower II
SAT.   21 Out of the Woods
MON.   23 The Jubilee Singers I
TUES.   24 The Jubilee Singers II
WED.   25 The Jubilee Singers III
THURS.   26 Wooton's Broken Pencil Show
FRI.   27 Stage Fright
SAT.   28 Let's Get Together
MON.   30 Fast As I Can
TUES.   31 Opposite Day

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