SAT. 1   More Than a Feeling
MON. 3   No Bones About It
TUES. 4   The War Hero
WED. 5   The Joke's On You
THURS. 6   When In Doubt...Pray!
FRI. 7   Wrapped Around Your Finger
SAT. 8   Repent After Me
MON. 10   Poor Loser
TUES. 11   Tornado!
WED. 12   A Case of Revenge
THURS. 13   Bernard and Job
FRI. 14   The Spy Who Bugged Me
SAT. 15   Big Trouble Under the Big Top
MON. 17   More Like Alicia
TUES. 18   Arizona Sunrise
WED. 19   Faster Than a Speeding Ticket
THURS. 20   Hide and Seek
FRI. 21   The Graduate
SAT. 22   Life Expectancy I
MON. 24   Malachi's Message I
TUES. 25   Malachi's Message II
WED. 26   Malachi's Message III
THURS. 27   Natural Born Leader
FRI. 28   BTV: Forgiveness
SAT. 29   Life Expectancy II
MON. 31   In All Things Give Thanks

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