FRI. 1   By Dawn's Early Light
SAT. 2   Mistaken for Good
MON. 4   The Day Independence Came
TUES. 5   One Bad Apple
WED. 6   Not One of Us
THURS. 7   Bernard and Joseph I
FRI. 8   Bernard and Joseph II
SAT. 9   Sergeant York I
MON. 11   Cousin Albert
TUES. 12   The Adventure of the Adventure
WED. 13   Melanie's Diary
THURS. 14   The Vow
FRI. 15   Over the Airwaves
SAT. 16   Sergeant York II
MON. 18   Train Ride
TUES. 19   Muckraker
WED. 20   Someone to Watch Over Me
THURS. 21   The Second Coming
FRI. 22   Emotional Baggage
SAT. 23   Sergeant York III
MON. 25   Where There's a Will...
TUES. 26   Isaac the Procrastinator
WED. 27   Home Is Where the Hurt Is
THURS. 28   ...The Last Shall Be First
FRI. 29   The Meaning of Sacrifice
SAT. 30   Sergeant York IV

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