MON. 1   A Prisoner for Christ
TUES. 2   Good Business
WED. 3   Heatwave
THURS. 4   By Dawn's Early Light
FRI. 5   Isaac the Insecure
SAT. 6   Home Again I
MON. 8   The Battle I
TUES. 9   The Battle II
WED. 10   Elijah I
THURS. 11   Elijah II
FRI. 12   That's Not Fair
SAT. 13   Home Again II
MON. 15   But, You Promised
TUES. 16   A Mission for Jimmy
WED. 17   The Ill-Gotten Deed
THURS. 18   Rescue from Manatugo Point
FRI. 19   Operation: Dig-Out
SAT. 20   Childish Things
MON. 22   The Very Best of Friends
TUES. 23   The Reluctant Rival
WED. 24   Monty's Christmas
THURS. 25   The Barclay Family Ski Vacation
FRI. 26   Ice Fishing
SAT. 27   Something Old, Something New I
MON. 29   Scattered Seeds
TUES. 30   The Treasure of LeMonde!
WED. 31   Front Page News

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