THURS. 1   Shining Armor I
FRI. 2   Shining Armor II
SAT. 3   Great Expectations
MON. 5   Strange Boy in a Strange Land
TUES. 6   Happy Smilers
WED. 7   Grand Opening I
THURS. 8   Grand Opening II
FRI. 9   Secrets
SAT. 10   For Three Dollars More
MON. 12   Plan B I - Missing in Action
TUES. 13   Plan B II - Collision Course
WED. 14   Plan B III - Crossfire
THURS. 15   Plan B IV - Resistance
FRI. 16   O.T. Action News: Battle at the Kishon
SAT. 17   The Bible Network
MON. 19   Under the Influence I
TUES. 20   Under the Influence II
WED. 21   The Black Veil I
THURS. 22   The Black Veil II
FRI. 23   Twisting Pathway
SAT. 24   Happy Hunting
MON. 26   Sheep's Clothing
TUES. 27   Box of Miracles
WED. 28   The Unraveling
THURS. 29   Exceptional Circumstances
FRI. 30   Expect the Worst
SAT. 31   The Holy Hoopster

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