WED. 1   The Mortal Coil I
THURS. 2   The Mortal Coil II
FRI. 3   Best Intentions
SAT. 4   The Green Ring Conspiracy I
MON. 6   Like Father, Like Son
TUES. 7   Rights, Wrongs, and Reasons
WED. 8   A Class Act
THURS. 9   Treasures of the Heart
FRI. 10   This Is Chad Pearson?
SAT. 11   The Green Ring Conspiracy II
MON. 13   It Is Well
TUES. 14   The Jesus Cloth
WED. 15   Real Time
THURS. 16   Greater Love
FRI. 17   Count It All Joy
SAT. 18   The Green Ring Conspiracy III
MON. 20   An Adventure in Bethany I
TUES. 21   An Adventure in Bethany II
WED. 22   A Game of Compassion
THURS. 23   The Marriage Feast
FRI. 24   Our Father
SAT. 25   The Green Ring Conspiracy IV
MON. 27   Hallowed Be Thy Name
TUES. 28   Thy Kingdom Come
WED. 29   Thy Will Be Done
THURS. 30   Our Daily Bread
FRI. 31   Forgive Us As We Forgive

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