TUES. 1   The Inspiration Station II
WED. 2   Clutter
THURS. 3   Game for a Mystery
FRI. 4   Target of the Week
SAT. 5   Forgiving More... or Less
MON. 7   For the Birds
TUES. 8   When You're Right, You're Right
WED. 9   Grandma's Visit
THURS. 10   Finish What You...
FRI. 11   Wooton's Broken Pencil Show
SAT. 12   Never for Nothing
MON. 14   The Jubilee Singers I
TUES. 15   The Jubilee Singers II
WED. 16   The Jubilee Singers III
THURS. 17   The Mystery of the Clock Tower I
FRI. 18   The Mystery of the Clock Tower II
SAT. 19   Emily the Genius
MON. 21   Stage Fright
TUES. 22   Fast As I Can
WED. 23   Opposite Day
THURS. 24   The Owlnapping
FRI. 25   Square One
SAT. 26   How to Sink a Sub
MON. 28   An Agreeable Nanny
TUES. 29   The Malted Milkball Falcon
WED. 30   The Green Ring Conspiracy I
THURS. 31   The Green Ring Conspiracy II

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