January 2, Monday O.T. Action News: Jephthah's Vow
January 3, Tuesday No Bones About It
January 4, Wednesday The Joke's On You
January 5, Thursday When In Doubt...Pray!
January 6, Friday Wrapped Around Your Finger
January 7, Saturday BTV: Temptation
January 9, Monday Poor Loser
January 10, Tuesday Tornado!
January 11, Wednesday A Case of Revenge
January 12, Thursday Bernard and Job
January 13, Friday The Spy Who Bugged Me
January 14, Saturday Buddy Guard
January 16, Monday More Like Alicia
January 17, Tuesday Arizona Sunrise
January 18, Wednesday Faster Than a Speeding Ticket
January 19, Thursday Hide and Seek
January 20, Friday The Graduate
January 21, Saturday Something Significant
January 23, Monday Malachi's Message I
January 24, Tuesday Malachi's Message II
January 25, Wednesday Malachi's Message III
January 26, Thursday Natural Born Leader
January 27, Friday BTV: Forgiveness
January 28, Saturday Game for a Mystery
January 30, Monday In All Things Give Thanks
January 31, Tuesday A Lesson from Mike

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