January 1, Saturday Last in a Long Line
January 3, Monday Missing Person
January 4, Tuesday Castles & Cauldrons I
January 5, Wednesday Castles & Cauldrons II
January 6, Thursday The Winning Edge
January 7, Friday All's Well with Boswell
January 8, Saturday A Class Act
January 10, Monday Wishful Thinking
January 11, Tuesday Have You No Selpurcs?
January 12, Wednesday One Bad Apple
January 13, Thursday Not One of Us
January 14, Friday Cousin Albert
January 15, Saturday Family Values
January 17, Monday Bernard and Joseph I
January 18, Tuesday Bernard and Joseph II
January 19, Wednesday Melanie's Diary
January 20, Thursday The Vow
January 21, Friday Over the Airwaves
January 22, Saturday Greater Love
January 24, Monday Train Ride
January 25, Tuesday Muckraker
January 26, Wednesday Someone to Watch Over Me
January 27, Thursday The Second Coming
January 28, Friday Emotional Baggage
January 29, Saturday The Jesus Cloth
January 31, Monday Where There's a Will...

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