MON. 2   Exactly As Planned
TUES. 3   Exit
WED. 4   Inside the Studio
THURS. 5   Live at the 25
FRI. 6   Between You and Me
SAT. 7   The Lost Riddle
MON. 9   Aubrey's Bathrobe
TUES. 10   The Toy Man
WED. 11   For Trying Out Loud
THURS. 12   The Benefit of the Doubt
FRI. 13   For the Fun of It
SAT. 14   Groundhog Jay
MON. 16   The American Revelation I
TUES. 17   The American Revelation II
WED. 18   The Pact I
THURS. 19   The Pact II
FRI. 20   Do Or Diet
SAT. 21   Home Again I
MON. 23   Room Enough for Two
TUES. 24   BTV: Behind the Scenes
WED. 25   Bassett Hounds
THURS. 26   It's All About Me
FRI. 27   The Case of the Disappearing Hortons
SAT. 28   Home Again II

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