SAT.   1 The Green Ring Conspiracy V
MON.   3 Into Temptation
TUES.   4 Deliver Us from Evil
WED.   5 For Thine Is the Kingdom
THURS.   6 The Power
FRI.   7 And the Glory
SAT.   8 The Green Ring Conspiracy VI
MON.   10 Forever...Amen
TUES.   11 Family Values
WED.   12 The Mysterious Stranger I
THURS.   13 The Mysterious Stranger II
FRI.   14 The Last 'I Do'
SAT.   15 The Green Ring Conspiracy VII
MON.   17 My Fair Bernard
TUES.   18 Why Don't You Grow Up?
WED.   19 Terror from the Skies
THURS.   20 The Case of the Delinquent Disciples
FRI.   21 The Bad Hair Day
SAT.   22 The Green Ring Conspiracy VIII
MON.   24 Pilgrim's Progress Revisited I
TUES.   25 Pilgrim's Progress Revisited II
WED.   26 Truth, Trivia, and 'Trina
THURS.   27 The Boy Who Cried "Destructo!"
FRI.   28 The Potential in Elliot

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