February 2003 Schedule


Episode Name
February 1 New! For Trying Out Loud
February 3 I SLAP FLOOR
February 4 What Do You Think/Idol Minds (split)
February 5 Changing Rodney
February 6 The Bad Guy/Bethany's Flood (split)
February 7 No Boundaries
February 8 New! The Benefit of the Doubt
February 10 A Matter of Manners/The Seven Deadly Dwarves (split)
February 11 Potlucks & Poetry
February 12 Mandy's Debut (split)
February 13 The Big Deal I
February 14 The Big Deal II
February 15 New! The American Revelation I
February 17 Life Trials of the Rich and Famous
February 18 Missionary: Impossible
February 19 The Great Wishy Woz I
February 20 The Great Wishy Woz II
February 21 Best Laid Plans
February 22 New! The American Revelation II
February 24 Worst Day Ever
February 25 Opportunity Knocks
February 26 Red Herring
February 27 Slumber Party
February 28 Nova Rising


Coming Up This Season!

January 11 Between You and Me
January 18 Aubrey's Bathrobe
January 25 The Toy Man
February 1 For Trying Out Loud
February 8 The Benefit of the Doubt
February 15 The American Revelation I
February 22 The American Revelation II
March 1 For the Fun of It
March 8 The Pact I
March 15 The Pact II
March 22 Do Or Diet
March 29 Room Enough for Two

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