SAT. 1   The Ties That Bind II
MON. 3   The Case of the Ball Cap Hero
TUES. 4   Between the Lines I
WED. 5   Between the Lines II
THURS. 6   The Feud of Mason County
FRI. 7   Parker for President
SAT. 8   The Ties That Bind III
MON. 10   Old Tricks
TUES. 11   The Key Suspect
WED. 12   A Very Bassett Wedding I
THURS. 13   A Very Bassett Wedding II
FRI. 14   Connie the Counselor
SAT. 15   The Ties That Bind IV
MON. 17   No Friend Like an Old Friend
TUES. 18   Fathers and Sons
WED. 19   The Grass Is Always Greener
THURS. 20   Legacy I
FRI. 21   Legacy II
SAT. 22   The Ties That Bind V
MON. 24   A Christmas Conundrum
TUES. 25   Silent Night
WED. 26   Grandma's Christmas Visit
THURS. 27   Find a Penny I
FRI. 28   Find a Penny II
SAT. 29   The Ties That Bind VI
MON. 31   Friend or Foe

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