TUES. 1   The Perfect Church II
WED. 2   For Three Dollars More
THURS. 3   The Bible Network
FRI. 4   Happy Hunting
SAT. 5   Unbecoming Jay
MON. 7   The Holy Hoopster
TUES. 8   The Lost Riddle
WED. 9   Groundhog Jay
THURS. 10   Home Again I
FRI. 11   Home Again II
SAT. 12   Where's Your Daddy?
MON. 14   Push the Red Button
TUES. 15   Your Servant Is Listening I
WED. 16   Your Servant Is Listening II
THURS. 17   No Chemistry Whatsoever
FRI. 18   The Friend Formula
SAT. 19   Caroling, Caroling
MON. 21   More Than a Feeling
TUES. 22   A Lamb's Tale
WED. 23   A Christmas Conundrum
THURS. 24   Silent Night
FRI. 25   Grandma's Christmas Visit
SAT. 26   The Living Nativity
MON. 28   Repent After Me
TUES. 29   Big Trouble Under the Big Top
WED. 30   Life Expectancy I
THURS. 31   Life Expectancy II

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