December 1, Saturday NEW SHOW:
Groundhog Jay
December 3, Monday A Class Reenactment
December 4, Tuesday The Forgotten Deed
December 5, Wednesday The Triangled Web I
December 6, Thursday The Triangled Web II
December 7, Friday Rights, Wrongs, and Winners
December 8, Saturday NEW SHOW:
Home Again I
December 10, Monday The Imagination Station, Revisited I
December 11, Tuesday The Imagination Station, Revisited II
December 12, Wednesday Kidsboro I
December 13, Thursday Kidsboro II
December 14, Friday Kidsboro III
December 15, Saturday NEW SHOW:
Home Again II
December 17, Monday Gifts for Madge and Guy
December 18, Tuesday Peace On Earth
December 19, Wednesday The Visitors
December 20, Thursday The Living Nativity
December 21, Friday A Time for Christmas
December 22, Saturday NEW SHOW:
Push the Red Button
December 24, Monday Back to Bethlehem I
December 25, Tuesday Back to Bethlehem II
December 26, Wednesday Back to Bethlehem III
December 27, Thursday Caroling, Caroling
December 28, Friday A Lamb's Tale
December 29, Saturday Grandma's Christmas Visit
December 31, Monday The Inspiration Station I

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