December 1, Thursday For Whom the Wedding Bells Toll II
December 2, Friday For Whom the Wedding Bells Toll III
December 3, Saturday NEW SHOW:
How to Sink a Sub
December 5, Monday The Pushover
December 6, Tuesday Chores No More
December 7, Wednesday Just Say Yes
December 8, Thursday The Painting
December 9, Friday Best Face Forward
December 10, Saturday NEW SHOW:
Unbecoming Jay
December 12, Monday Where's Your Daddy?
December 13, Tuesday The Star I
December 14, Wednesday The Star II
December 15, Thursday It's a Pokenberry Christmas I
December 16, Friday It's a Pokenberry Christmas II
December 17, Saturday NEW SHOW:
Childish Things
December 19, Monday BTV: Redeeming the Season
December 20, Tuesday A Lamb's Tale
December 21, Wednesday A Christmas Conundrum
December 22, Thursday Silent Night
December 23, Friday Grandma's Christmas Visit
December 24, Saturday A Time for Christmas
December 26, Monday The One About Trust I
December 27, Tuesday The One About Trust II
December 28, Wednesday Viva La Difference
December 29, Thursday Amazing Grace
December 30, Friday Leap of Faith
December 31, Saturday Hear Me, Hear Me

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