December 1, Wednesday Two Sides to Every Story
December 2, Thursday A...Is for Attitude
December 3, Friday First Love
December 4, Saturday NEW EPISODE:
An Agreeable Nanny
December 6, Monday Curious, Isn't It?
December 7, Tuesday East Winds, Raining
December 8, Wednesday Suspicious Minds
December 9, Thursday The Big Broadcast
December 10, Friday An Act of Mercy
December 11, Saturday NEW EPISODE:
The Malted Milkball Fountain
December 13, Monday Isaac the Benevolent
December 14, Tuesday Back to Bethlehem I
December 15, Wednesday Back to Bethlehem II
December 16, Thursday Back to Bethlehem III
December 17, Friday A Time for Christmas
December 18, Saturday NEW EPISODE:
Grandma's Christmas Visit
December 20, Monday The Living Nativity
December 21, Tuesday Caroling, Caroling
December 22, Wednesday The Popsicle Kid
December 23, Thursday A Lamb's Tale
December 24, Friday The Day After Christmas
December 25, Saturday The Visitors
December 27, Monday The Trouble with Girls
December 28, Tuesday What Happened to the Silver Streak?
December 29, Wednesday Better Late Than Never
December 30, Thursday Pranks for the Memories
December 31, Friday New Year's Eve Live!

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