MON. 1   Mayor for a Day
TUES. 2   Coming of Age
WED. 3   Waylaid in the Windy City I
THURS. 4   Waylaid in the Windy City II
FRI. 5   Last in a Long Line
SAT. 6   Blackbeard's Treasure
MON. 8   A Day in the Life
TUES. 9   The Homecoming
WED. 10   A Rathbone of Contention
THURS. 11   Isaac the True Friend
FRI. 12   Peacemaker
SAT. 13   A Question About Tasha
MON. 15   A Model Child
TUES. 16   Sixties-Something
WED. 17   Bernard and Esther I
THURS. 18   Bernard and Esther II
FRI. 19   The Curse
SAT. 20   The Decision
MON. 22   Hold-Up!
TUES. 23   A Test for Robyn
WED. 24   The Cross of Cortes I
THURS. 25   The Cross of Cortes II
FRI. 26   East Winds, Raining
SAT. 27   The Painting
MON. 29   Room Mates
TUES. 30   You Gotta Be Wise
WED. 31   Isaac the Pure

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