WED. 1   Called On in Class
THURS. 2   The Imagination Station, Revisited I
FRI. 3   The Imagination Station, Revisited II
SAT. 4   The Imagination Station II
MON. 6   The Girl in the Sink
TUES. 7   Bernard and Saul
WED. 8   Eggshells
THURS. 9   Nothing But the Half Truth
FRI. 10   Split Ends
SAT. 11   No Chemistry Whatsoever
MON. 13   Something's Got to Change
TUES. 14   Think on These Things
WED. 15   No Way Out
THURS. 16   No Way In
FRI. 17   Sounds Like a Mystery
SAT. 18   The Friend Formula
MON. 20   Fairy Tal-e-Vision
TUES. 21   Stars in Our Eyes
WED. 22   Sunday Morning Scramble
THURS. 23   Potential Possibilities
FRI. 24   Call Me If You Care
SAT. 25   More Than a Feeling
MON. 27   True Calling
TUES. 28   And That's the Truth
WED. 29   A Glass Darkly
THURS. 30   The Coolest Dog

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