TUES. 1   The Fifth House on the Left II
WED. 2   Gone...
THURS. 3   ...But Not Forgotten
FRI. 4   The Fundamentals
SAT. 5   The Inspiration Station II
MON. 7   A Book By Its Cover
TUES. 8   The Election Deception
WED. 9   George Under Pressure
THURS. 10   Tom for Mayor I
FRI. 11   Tom for Mayor II
SAT. 12   Suspicious Minds
MON. 14   The Twilife Zone
TUES. 15   A Call for Reverend Jimmy
WED. 16   A Name, Not a Number I
THURS. 17   A Name, Not a Number II
FRI. 18   Siege at Jericho
SAT. 19   Bernard and Joseph I
MON. 21   A Code of Honor
TUES. 22   Unto Us a Child Is Born
WED. 23   Soaplessly Devoted
THURS. 24   Red Wagons and Pink Flamingos
FRI. 25   Blackbeard's Treasure
SAT. 26   Bernard and Joseph II
MON. 28   I Want My B-TV!
TUES. 29   The Truth About Zachary
WED. 30   Preacher's Kid

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