April 1, Thursday For Better or For Worse I
April 2, Friday For Better or For Worse II
April 3, Saturday New Episode:
Target of the Week
April 5, Monday Odyssey Sings!
April 6, Tuesday Back to Abnormal
April 7, Wednesday The Business of Busyness
April 8, Thursday The Power of One
April 9, Friday All-Star Witness
April 10, Saturday New Episode:
For the Birds
April 12, Monday Prisoners of Fear I
April 13, Tuesday Prisoners of Fear II
April 14, Wednesday Prisoners  of Fear III
April 15, Thursday Always
April 16, Friday Tales of a Small-Town Thug
April 17, Saturday New Episode:
When You're Right, You're Right
April 19, Monday The Champ of the Camp
April 20, Tuesday Dead Ends
April 21, Wednesday The Poor Rich Guy
April 22, Thursday A Cheater Cheated
April 23, Friday Bringing Up Dads
April 24, Saturday New Episode:
Grandma's Visit
April 26, Monday Broken-Armed and Dangerous
April 27, Tuesday The Impossible
April 28, Wednesday Three O'Clock Call
April 29, Thursday Switch
April 30, Friday Now More Than Ever

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