April 1, Wednesday The Perfect Witness I
April 2, Thursday The Perfect Witness II
April 3, Friday The Perfect Witness III
April 4, Saturday Welcoming Mr. Bassett:
The Highest Stakes I
April 6, Monday Top This!
April 7, Tuesday B-TV: Envy
April 8, Wednesday The Underground Railroad I
April 9, Thursday The Underground Railroad II
April 10, Friday The Underground Railroad III
April 11, Saturday Welcoming Mr. Bassett:
The Highest Stakes II
April 13, Monday A Touch of Healing I
April 14, Tuesday A Touch of Healing II
April 15, Wednesday Where Is Thy Sting?
April 16, Thursday Hidden in My Heart
April 17, Friday The Turning Point
April 18, Saturday Connie Comes to Town
April 20, Monday A Little Credit, Please
April 21, Tuesday Small Fires, Little Pools
April 22, Wednesday Angels Unaware
April 23, Thursday Gathering Thunder
April 24, Friday Moving Targets
April 25, Saturday Discovering Odyssey:
April 27, Monday Hard Losses
April 28, Tuesday The Return
April 29, Wednesday The Time Has Come
April 30, Thursday Checkmate

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