April 2003 Schedule


Episode Name
April 1 Plan B: Missing in Action
April 2 Plan B: Collision Course
April 3 Plan B: Crossfire
April 4 Plan B: Resistance
April 5 I Want My B-TV!
April 7 Under the Influence I
April 8 Under the Influence II
April 9 The Black Veil I
April 10 The Black Veil II
April 11 Twisting Pathway
April 12 B-TV: Envy
April 14 Sheep's Clothing
April 15 Box of Miracles
April 16 The Unraveling
April 17 Exceptional Circumstances
April 18 Expect the Worst
April 19 B-TV: Compassion
April 21 Exactly As Planned
April 22 Exit
April 23 Relatively Annoying
April 24 Live At the 25
April 25 Inside the Studio
April 26 B-TV: Forgiveness
April 28 Whit's Flop
April 29 The Life of the Party
April 30 Connie Comes to Town


Coming Up This Month! [The Best of B-TV]

April 5 I Want My B-TV!
April 12 B-TV: Envy
April 19 B-TV: Compassion
April 26 B-TV: Forgiveness

Next Month:

May 5 B-TV: Behind the Scenes
May 12 Bassett Hounds

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