Episode Reviewed: Bethany's Flood (???)

Rating (Out of 10 cones):

I never much liked this episode. Well actually the entire Fall 1999 and Spring 2000 seasons weren't really worth hearing for that matter. Those fifteen minute stories just never came across to me as being interesting for some reason. You can't really develop much of a plot in fifteen minutes.

I think that this episode was actually a waste of time making. You know, it struck me as being an episode that a wee little kid would enjoy listening to, not an AIO fan.

Bethany has a great imagination, but no matter how hard Adventures in Odyssey will try, nothing will ever beat the imagination of Laurence Hodges. Bethany's little missions seem to have absolutely no point whatsoever. It's way too fast-paced for any AIO fan. No one can really tell what is going on in the story, and the believability of it is just proposterous. If there's one thing you don't want to do in an AIO episode, it's make it too unbelievable. The whole series would end up out of whack.

What made it all bad was how it's only 15 minutes long and there's really no point to the story. I mean, what if kids start believing that the Noah's Ark story is "Bethany's Flood?" AIO made a blunder, in my opinion.

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