Episode Reviewed:
Pink Is Not My Color (532)
Writer: Nathan Hoobler
Director: Nathan Hoobler
Production Engineer: Allen Hurley
Music Composer: John Campbell
Original Airdate: 11/08/03
Rating (out of 5 cones):


Episode Summary

Connie finally arrives in Virginia to find a surprised Mitch. She sees similarities between her relationship with Mitch and Agent Bourland's bond with his daughter.


The Review

This episode's title had me a little nervous as the season went by. An episode about the color pink made me a little weary of what was going to take place. As the episode begins, Connie is on Joanne's cell phone talking with Mitch, a good starter. Mitch hears a knock on his door and Connie is standing before him. I thought this was an interesting way to start an episode, as well as a creative way for Connie to introduce herself to Mitch in a surprising way. It's also good to hear that the relationship between Connie and Robert is under some major testing. In other episodes, Connie's maturity level has not been the most, well, let's just say mature.


I wasn't surprised with the quality of Pink Is Not My Color, considering Nathan Hoobler wrote it. I've always found Nathan's attention to past events on Adventures in Odyssey most enjoyable. The way in which he throws in the little facts to help you relate to the series and connect everything better is perfect.


Meeting the Bourland family... what an interesting outlook. As the Novacom Saga was underway, I never expected for us to meet Agent Bourland's family in future days. I never realized that Peter would become such a well-known character as he is now. Pink Is Not My Color takes you into the home of the Bourland family, letting you see what its problems are, how the family reacts to them, and how you can react to them as well.


Speaking of the family issues, it was nice to meet Michaela. Although her dilemma was quite similar to the one arising in Black Clouds, it was good to see a different spin to it. It's an important issue to bring up at least once on AIO because it's a problem that happens in real families.


The technical aspects of the episode were very well done, nothing was overdone, and I liked it very much.



The Rating

All in all, Pink Is Not My Color was so my color. There was a bit of minor suspense, connection of past events, and mystery for the future. I give it 4 and 1/2 out of 5 cones.

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