Episode Reviewed:
Silver Lining (530)

Writer: Nathan Hoobler

Director: Marshal Younger

Production Engineer: Todd Busteed

Music Composer: John Campbell

Original Airdate: 10/25/03

Rating (out of 5 cones):


Episode Summary

Connie and Joanne's stop in West Virginia won't be as sleepy as it first appears when Connie is accidentally pulled into something bigger than she imagined.



The Review

Unfortunately, some people have a habit of falling in rivers. Some have the habit of slipping into rivers, some have the habit of walking into rivers, and some tend to die a horrible and painful death in rivers. Rivers can be scary places, especially in a small town in Virginia. Virginia is known for its many rivers, and itís very unlikely that you could travel throughout the entire state of Virginia without falling and/or slipping and/or walking and/or dying a horrible and painful death in rivers. It just amazes me that rivers can be so much fun at times. You can go boating in a river, you can go canoeing in a river, and you can die a horrible and painful death in a river. How much fun is that? If thereís one thing I look forward to doing at least once in my life it's looking death in the face and conquering the water of a river. What fun!


Now obviously you canít be taking me seriously about the above profound statements, right? What could be fun about falling in a river and dying a horrible and not-fun death? That would be very painful. Very painful indeed. And thatís where we come to a Silver Lining. Connie and Joanne are on their travels and they accidentally fall into a river and/or slip into a river and/or die a horrible and painful death in a river. Their silver lining of hope comes only when Vic Hamilton, a man wanted by the police, rescues them from the local, raging waves of terror. Only there arenít any waves, just a current. Connie and Joanne are unaware that this compassionate man is wanted by the police, an irony that only slaps them in the face later on the bube tube.


There was something very real about the feeling of being underwater, floating in Connieís clothes, that splashed me in the face.


Heh. If only that happened in real life. Oh wait, Iím sure itís happened somewhere. However, as clichťd as falling in a river seemed for an intense scene on AIO, I liked it. There was something about the intensity of the music and the fear instilled in Odysseyís characters. There was something very real about the feeling of being underwater, floating in Connieís clothes, that splashed me in the face.


Now youíre probably wondering why I wrote three long-winded paragraphs about falling in rivers for enjoyment, considering that the scene in this episode only takes up about three minutes of airtime. Yeah. Letís just leave it at that. Donít try to stop the current when itís pushing so strongly. And now weíve got four.


In regards to the main storyline with Connie Kendall and Joanne Allenís mysterious adventure, I was very pleased. Their running into Vic Hamilton was rather predictable when he wouldnít give out his name, but it was stunning. I knew right away that there would be a mystery at the sound of Vicís voice box.  Silver Lining has a short-lived mystery, but a powerful one. The realization that Vic would be murdering someone on the other end of a walkie-talkie line splashed me in the face again. Thereís nothing as exciting as being placed on a countdown clock to help a character change his mind. The crime could occur at any moment; itís the will of the good guys to change the way the bad guys think. Hopefully theyíll have what it takes to do it in time.


Connieís maturity, an issue that has been brought up before in our Extra! Extra! column. I was very pleased with Connieís behavior as a whole. In a lot of recent episodes, Connie hasnít been the most mature person. Iíve seen her act like a ditz and seem as if sheís a completely different person. However, the Connie in Silver Lining has taken a more mature, sophisticated role. I like that in Connieís character. Iíve read some other fansí reviews of this episode in which they claimed that Connie has become more mature on this little road trip of hers. I tend to disagree with that statement. We have only had the opportunity to be with Connie two or three times on this road trip so far, so she has many more episodes to learn the basics of being mature; in the Odyssian world at least. Besides, there are now over 500 episodes of Adventures in Odyssey. Connie's maturity didn't happen in five episodes.


Regarding the introduction of new characters in this episode, itís nice to be able to hear new voices rather than older voices over and over as ďnewĒ characters (for example: Corey Burton, Will Ryan). Itís nice to hear new voices for a change and itís actually interesting to listen to unrecognizable pitches. In other words, when a new character is introduced in recent months, I donít think back to who plays the character; I take the character as presented. There is no temptation to think back and realize that Corey Burton is playing yet another character. Now donít get me wrong; Corey has done a lot of significant roles and has had a huge impact on Adventures in Odyssey. Odyssey wouldn't be Odyssey without him. Itís just that hearing new voices adds an even more positive splash to the series.


Getting to the music and sound design, both were very well done. As I mentioned earlier in my review, the way AIO doused us into Connieís perspective of a life-threatening situation in the river was very well crafted. As Connie plunged under water, we did too. As Connie came out for air every few seconds, Joanneís screams for ďConnie!Ē were powerful, especially as Joanneís voice became muffled as gallons of water submerged Connieís body.



The Rating

All in all, this episode has been pretty interesting. Some parts were more tolerable than others, while some were also predictable. I give Silver Lining 4 out of 5 cones.

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