Episode Reviewed:
The Mailman Cometh (529)

Writer: Torry Martin & Marshal Younger

Director: Marshal Younger

Production Engineer: Bob Luttrell

Music Composer: John Campbell

Original Airdate: 10/18/03

Rating (out of 5 cones):


Episode Summary

Marvin and Tamika don't understand why Xavier gets more privileges than they do. They're determined to show their mom that they deserve to do the stuff Xavier gets to do.



The Review

Take a moment to humor me, will you? Imagine that you are mowing the lawn. It's a pretty sunny day and the clouds in the sky occasionally cover up the sun to provide you with at least a little shade. All is calm and you trudge onward with the sound of a riding mower all around you. It's the typical sound you hear on a nice day. Then you hear another noise. Your little brother and sister come rushing outside to ruin the moment. Your brother is trying to get your attention to turn off the mower so you do. The breeze is no longer cooling you because you aren't creating it anymore as you move. As little brothers and sisters do, yours are begging at your mercy to allow them to hop on for a ride. So you do. You'll humor them. You assume they'll have a two minute ride and then they're cravings will be satisfied. You'll make their day and then they'll go back in the house... where little brothers and sisters belong on nice days. You show your brother how to turn on the mower, how to make it move, and how to steer. You glance back as you go inside the house to retrieve a glass of water, and the sounds of screams calls you outside. Your siblings are going at it full force, steering every which way just to stay alive. But then... ahead of them is the swimming pool! You run as fast as you can trying to let them know how to stop the mower. The pool is getting steadily closer. When all seems to be at its worst, you hear the mower drop its hum as the mower stops right at the edge of the swimming pool. In fear you calmly tell your brother to put the mower in reverse. He does, but he doesn't stop. Your lawn-mowing expertise flashes before your eyes as both of your siblings quickly speed backwards, careening into the side of the garage door.


Today's Adventures in Odyssey adventures are taking a new spin, ignoring what AIO was in the past and sideswiping accuracy.

Now, honestly, something like that doesn't happen everyday in real life. Not every family experiences a shocking realization that the lawnmower is heading right for a swimming pool. Not every family backs into their garage door and breaks it. I thought that The Mailman Cometh was a very cartoon-style episode. In cartoons it doesn't matter if Yacko, Wacko, and Dot destroy property and ruin lawnmowers. It doesn't matter if Slappy the Squirrel gets hit on the head. But it does on AIO. What I've been seeing in recent episodes (not all recent episodes ... it's just that some take on this side), the writers seem to be going for entertainment rather than valuable lessons. It seems like they're trying to be too unrealistic and not down-to-earth. I don't want to hear two kids screaming in every episode when I turn on the radio at night. I want to hear Odyssey stories. Stories in Odyssey used to be more peaceful and calm. Today's Adventures in Odyssey adventures are taking a new spin, ignoring what AIO was in the past and sideswiping accuracy. I don't like that Mr. Nevel, whoever Mr. Nevel is anyway.


As you can see, I'm already not pleased with this episode. I'm not yet used to the Washington family and they're already causing problems and destroying family property. Marvin and Tamika, to me, seem rather pesky and annoying. I personally think the acting hasn't been that great whenever I've heard them speak. I like to hear good acting, otherwise I don't get into the drama. I'd rather listen to the newer shows how they should be; three or four kids leaning around the soda fountain and socializing with an eccentric inventor who cares.


The storyline itself wasn't horribly disgusting. I just think my view of the show depended on the way the characters presented themselves. Wooton was fine, but Mrs. Washington isn't nearly as good as Mary Barclay. I liked Mary Barclay's character, but Mrs. Washington's is distasteful. There's just something about the Washington family as a whole that I don't like (Please note: it's not in regards to racial issues).


In regards to the sound design, etc., I was pleased with it, but it wasn't the best. I would have rather heard another edition of Connie and Joanne's road trip instead of this episode due to the fact that this road trip doesn't even seem like a road trip. It seems disconnected. 



The Rating

I generally wasn't happy with this episode due to the characters' behavior, the unrelate-able storyline, and the inaccuracy. However it did have a few good moments such as the coffee scenes. I give The Mailman Cometh 2 out of 5 cones.

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