Episode Reviewed: Seeing Red (526)

Writer: Marshal Younger

Director: Marshal Younger

Production Engineer: Glenn Montjoy

Music Composer: John Campbell

Original Airdate: 9/27/03

Rating (Out of 5 cones):


Seeing Red

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Episode Summary: Sorry seems to be the hardest word and it's reached epidemic proportions in Odyssey! Connie and Mitch, Mandy and Liz, and even Jack and Joanne are all having a hard time with that concept.


Theme: Admitting you're wrong, arguing (Matthew 5:23)

“He [Mitch] talks about the weather. The only people in the world that talk about the weather are grandparents, meteorologists, and men who have lost interest in their girlfriends.” [Connie Kendall]


The Review

A discontented Joanne Allen pries at her husband to get her way and succeed in ruling over her husband. Her eyebrows change to an angry V and the words come out of her mouth. Then the argument. - - - Mandy shows up at an evangelism meeting to be robbed of her possible love. Liz is staring starry-eyed into Seth Young's eyes, yet Seth has no idea what she is really thinking.


The above pretty much sums up what went on in Seeing Red. The array of the cast of characters in this episode was quite surprising and even different. Jack and Joanne Allen, Liz Horton, Mandy Straussberg, Seth Young, and Connie Kendall were an interesting bunch to work with on the show. Ever since I became a fan of Adventures in Odyssey I have gotten a kick out of the different types of varieties that appear throughout the program; this time with an array of characters. During the course of the episode we've been able to see a new side of Jack and Joanne Allen, a side that enforces the realization that the marriage isn't exactly perfect just because they recently got married. We see a familiar side of Connie Kendall in her usual doting attitude towards Mitch. And we see a more down-to-earth, slice-of-life side of Mandy Straussberg and Liz Horton. I can't say I've seen a difference in Seth, but then again he's only been around for a few shows.


I briefly talked about the characters, but now it's time attack one in particular. I'm sure I've said this in previous reviews time and time again, but I really think Connie has taken a relapse in her growth as a person. Just look at her. Connie was a once kind-hearted, tender, soft person. In Seeing Red and recent episodes, Connie has turned into an immature little teenager, Mitch seems to be all she lives for, and nothing else matters. She tells her beau to join the FBI, and three months later she's ranting and raving about how he's ignoring her. What does she expect? A letter in the mail every day, or possibly every other day? Come on, Kiddo'. Maybe you need to stop watching through rose-colored glasses and get a new pair or something! Is Mitch all you live for? What ever became of your other reasons for living, like dishing out ice cream and living for God? It seems to me that Connie's trying to make God's will happen. Either that or the writers are doting over this story arc just a little too much.


Now getting to the Liz/Mandy plotline, I really enjoyed it. I feel as if we've lost touch with the kids on the show in most of the recent shows and all they've been there for is to entertain and crack funny punch lines. Instead of that, Liz and Mandy fought over a boy and even got mad at each other. Wow... no jokes? No punch lines? No hilarious, sarcastic comments from the characters? No more comedy? Hmm... I wonder if the fans can survive without it? I wonder if we can, considering that a majority of episodes in the series weren't meant to be funny?


Now maybe if we can just kick Connie back into gear and stop telling her to say sarcastic things every other line we'll head in the right direction.


Joanne and Connie make a nice, yet odd pair to go on a road trip together. Hopefully it'll give us a reminder of Eugene and Bernard's road trip to California. Perhaps Connie and Joanne will even meet up with Eugene and Odyssey can live happily ever after!


Now to the production aspect of Seeing Red. I'd say it was really well done, and it didn't overwhelm my ears with an overabundance of background score. I've been generally pleased with Glenn Montjoy's work recently, and it sure is hard to get a new AIO guy on my side. I look up to the oldies more than the newbies, but pretty soon the newbies will be oldies as well and they'll be oldies and the previous oldies will be living in the Dark Ages. Sound Design was done very well, too.


The Rating

All in all, as a season premiere, Seeing Red sparked my interest to see what will happen in the days ahead. I give Seeing Red 3 out of 5 cones.

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