Episode Reviewed: Here Today, Gone Tomorrow? (523, 524, 525)

Writer: Kathy Wierenga

Director: Marshal Younger

Production Engineer: Allen Hurley

Music Composer: John Campbell

Original Airdate: 6/28/03, 7/05/03, 7/12/03

Rating (Out of 5 cones):


All Things to All People

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Episode Summary: Mitch has to make a decision about the FBI, and his investigating skills are challenged in a case involving Whit.


Theme: Figuring out Godís will

ďRemember, come for a carÖ leave with a friend!Ē [Irwin, owner of ĎHonest Irwinís Used Carsí]


The Review | Part One

Mitch and Connie have been together for a long time, according to Odysseyís time schedule at least. To us fans, theyíve only been together for about three seasons. Connie seems to know everything there is to know about Mitch, but we know almost nothing. Perhaps Mitch isnít right for Connie after all, and sheís only fogging up the window too much to realize it? I personally have gotten sick of hearing about Robert Mitchellís occupation perils. Iím sick of he and Connie getting together only to talk sappy to one another. Iím tired of Agent Bourland begging Mitch to join the FBI. He can go for all I care. That way Connie can settle down and realize how much of a time hog Mitch is/was.

This episode was pretty good, all things considered. I think AIO should have waited a little while longer for the return of Mr. Charles, but I guess they were just a little impatient on that one. The whole ĎFrankís Breakfast Inní was an interesting addition to Here Today, Gone Tomorrow? Part One, although a little weird for my taste. I donít like it when Connie acts like such a ditz. However, I was pleased when she shared a long conversation with Joanne Allen. There arenít enough conversations like that on AIO recently.

Overall, the acting was pretty good. There were times I got a little uneasy, but that happens to me a lot. I liked the aspect of trying to figure out Godís will as a mystery involving Whit and Mitch takes over and causes problems. I must congratulate Kathy Wierenga for a good episode! This may be her most involved episode yet.

The Review | Part Two

Part Two was definitely better than Part One, by far. The plot definitely took its turns and the mysterious nature of the episode got thicker. I almost was able to cut it with a knife! WaitÖ thatís Bernardís saying.


I was overjoyed to get to hear from June Kendall again. We hadnít heard from her since the episode With a Little Help from My Friends, and thatís a long time. Itís good to know that Connie still has a connection to her mother and can talk to her whenever she needs to. I was on Juneís side when she talked with Connie, to tell you the truth. I mentioned in my review of Part One that Iím sick of Mitch (in other words). Mitch is becoming a pimple on the face of my life, as Donna Barclay once said. Mitch seems like heís always with Connie and she canít just enjoy a normal day anymore. All they ever do is go rollerskating or bowling. Sheesh! Canít they just hang out at Whitís End sometimes? I think the AIO writers need to lighten up on this Mitch/Connie relationship. It seems as if itís a separate Novacom Saga-type series in of itself. I donít like that.


At the end of Part Two I was angry with Mitch. Angry with Connie for acting so ditzy once again. Angry at Mitch for asking Connie to marry him! I was angry! Angry I was! How dare he steal our beloved Connie away! How dare he propose and steal her heart! How dare he be so selfish!


The acting was okay in this episode, although Mitch was really overdoing some of his lines. He needs to tone it down. Iíve noticed that with his role as Rodney Rathbone in recent episodes. He tends to overdo Rodneyís pitch of voice.


The Review | Part Three

Out of all three episodes of Here Today, Gone Tomorrow?, I enjoyed Part Three the most. It contained the end of the mystery, and the end of my miserable mystery of whether or not Connie would marry Mitch. I think Mitch is a tad too early on his proposal to Connie. AIO has only given the fans about a year to get used to Mitchís character, and Iím not really used to him yet. Iíve known Connie a lot longer than Iíve known Mitch, and I sure hope Connie will realize just who this guy is before making a decision to spend the rest of her life with him. Iím not saying I donít like Robert Mitchell; I do! Mitch is a cool character with a cool background, Christian just like Connie, yet he needs to get more acquainted with Connie. Give it a few years and I might be happy to see this marriage. Good thing he was smart enough to ask June Kendall if he could marry her daughter or I would have really been in a fit! After all, as June says, ďYou may be grown up, but Iím still your mother.Ē

This episode finished up the FBI offer and I was glad to see it end. Frankly, Iím sick of hearing about it. Maybe with no Mitch around, things can get calmed down a little and Connie can think things through, or perhaps test the relationship.

Edith was a hilarious character. It was interesting to see that she had a crush on Whit, telling him to call her Edith, while at the same time, she seemed to dislike Mitch and told him to call her Mrs. Sutton. Kathy Wierenga is a funny writer at times! I like how she thinks.

Connieís reply to Mitchís marriage proposal was just what I was waiting for. If she had even said yes I would have been extremely mad and would have started a boycott (or not). I think she reacted the situation very nicely, and I loved it when I heard her say something like, ďJust go.Ē WowÖ it puts tears in my eyes. Mitch and Connie certainly arenít ready to be married to one another.

The Rating

Since this is a three-part episode it was tough to make a decision on how to rate it. It was full of mystery, Mr. Charles, and first-time events (if you know what I mean). I give Here Today, Gone Tomorrow? 4 and Ĺ out of 5 cones.

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