Episode Reviewed: All Things to All People (522)

Writer: Bob Hoose

Director: Bob Hoose

Production Engineer: Bob Luttrell

Music Composer: John Campbell

Original Airdate: 6/21/03

Rating (Out of 5 cones):


All Things to All People

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Episode Summary: Seth councils Aubrey on his radical method of evangelism, prompting Aubrey to question her effectiveness as a Christian.


Theme: Evangelism (Matthew 28:18-20)

“I’m finding a chair… I’m going to hit YOU with it!” [Liz Horton]


The Review

Evangelizing to the lost in a sinful and dying world has always been hard. AIO tackled this issue very well in All Things to All People, the episode I’m about to review. If you look around in our world, there are people all around us who claim to be Christians and yet they don’t proclaim the Gospel wherever they go. I am guilty of that at times as well and we can all benefit from hearing this episode. Seth Young’s character in this show is a good thing to pinpoint to the audience, not just for the sake of the dramatic perspective it can take, but for the negative response the outside world can have as a result of such an incorrect approach to evangelizing. In this show, Seth believed that all that matters is that the unchristian world is a project, meaning that he can make up stories about himself so that they’ll be able to relate to him. Then when an opportunity to witness arises, he can jump at the chance. This method is DANGEROUS and WRONG. God wants us to be ourselves, explaining to our friends and the world why we have a relationship with the Lord, rather than trying to see how many we can get saved just for the sake of saving them. We need to be honest.

The episode itself was perhaps the best episode of the Spring 2003 season. I’m not saying that in a joking way either. I honestly thought Bob Hoose did a wonderful job writing this episode and sending the message out. I can tell that Seth Young is a fairly new Christian and his methods of evangelizing are a bit tainted, but I’m sure Aubrey will be able to set him straight, even though she’s fairly new at it too. I really like Seth’s character as an addition to the program. It’s just a shame that he’s only been on the show twice up to this point. Did I ever mention that Seth Young and Curt Stevens remind me of each other? It may be interesting to point out that Seth Young is played by, I hope you can believe this, a woman. Whoever the actor/actress may be, she’s doing a nice job. I must also congratulate the writers for starting a well-rounded character rather than a 2D version that we’re dying to see the other side of.

I especially liked the ending of All Things to All People. I’ve been interested in Mrs. Young’s character since we met her in Aubrey’s Bathrobe, and it’s interesting that Aubrey gets a witnessing opportunity.

I don’t really have any complaints whatsoever about this episode, besides the fact that Seth has some growing to do as a Christian. The music was nice – not overdone like a lot of episodes. It was also great to hear Whit talking to the kids at Whit’s End again (IE: Aubrey in his conversation about evangelism).


The Rating

Now that I just finished my review of this episode, I think it is my favorite episode from the 2003 Spring season. Good job, AIO! I give All Things to All People 5 out of 5 cones.

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