Episode Reviewed: Hindsight (521)

Writer: Marshal Younger

Director: Marshal Younger

Production Engineer: Bob Luttrell

Music Composer: John Campbell

Original Airdate: 6/14/03

Rating (Out of 5 cones):



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Episode Summary: Liz gets in the Room of Consequence to experience the results of a single choice...backwards.


Theme: The value of every life; the value of every moment (Luke 10:27)

Bye. It was nice being robbed by you.” [Liz Horton]


The Review

Years ago on Adventures in Odyssey, the little situations among the children of Odyssey was more frequent than it is now. You could throw in a cassette and expect to hear a story about someone being angry at someone else for being made fun of, or a story about the cheerleading squad. Now when you throw in a CD, you can expect to hear a big plotline and bad guys connected to other bad guys. In my opinion, I’d rather see more of the little situations than the big ones. Hindsight gave me that insight.

I was very pleased with Hindsight as a whole. It’s been a long time since we’ve heard a story about someone at school being made fun of, and it was great to have a little connection to the old days of Odyssey. Norton looks to be a promising character in the future days of the show, providing Liz doesn’t steer him wrong and let him join the Bones of Wrath. That’s another thing we don’t hear much of anymore. Isaac Morton struggled to fit in as he joined the Bones of Wrath in Isaac the Courageous. Lawrence Hodges tried to fill a fatherless hole in his life by joining the Bones of Wrath in Our Father. Now we’ve got Norton, a neglected, tormented boy in middle school in Hindsight. I was one of those neglected, unpopular, tormented children when I was in middle school as well, so I could really relate to Norton.

I was very interested in the approach AIO took with this episode. Instead of actually letting the story play out, they took some time to make it more creative, interesting, and even mysterious. Using the Room of Consequence was a perfect idea. Marshal Younger, the writer of this episode, has always been one of my favorite episode writers because he takes interesting views on creating shows. I’ve also taken note that when he directs the shows, they end up turning out better when they’re finished. I wonder why that is?

I especially liked the “rewinding” sound effect every time Liz traveled back in the past. Don’t ask me why… it was just a little sound byte to make weird people like me chuckle.

What stands out the most in Hindsight is the moral. If we could just stop and realize the impact we’re having on other people by ignoring them and/or calling them names, we’d realize what a horrible thing we’re doing to them. It hurts to be made fun of and I think this episode really tackles that problem well.


The Rating

All in all, Hindsight was intriguing, very well handcrafted, and I’m extremely pleased with the content. I give Hindsight 4 and ½ out of 5 cones.

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