Episode Reviewed: The Defining Moment (519)

Writer: Marshal Younger

Director: Marshal Younger

Production Engineer: Todd Busteed

Music Composer: John Campbell

Original Airdate: 5/31/03

Rating (Out of 5 cones):


The Defining Moment

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Episode Summary: After a disappointment in the last inning of a game, Marvin looks to Xavier to show him how to be a hero.


Theme: Heroes (Luke 22:26)

ďThe fact of the matter isÖ itís a baseball game. Nobody dies.Ē [Ed Washington]


The Review

When it comes to sports episodes, they definitely arenít defining moments. Letís just say Iíve seen a little too many sports movies over the years in which a main character tries to prove to someone or himself that he can win and succeed at something a little too much. I have grown to hate sports movies because of their lack of interest to me, as well as the insipid endings to nearly every film. He wins. No matter who "he" is, "he" wins. Period. I hate sports movies, and The Defining Moment was almost like a sports movie.

I do have to give it some credit, however. Every AIO episode takes a lot of time and effort, effort which I would have preferred being spent on another type of episode, but thatís just me. Iím the kind of dude who doesnít like sports stories that much for their lack of creativity. Every sports movie Iíve seen has the same kind of endings, and the same sappy expressions are plastered across the charactersí faces. The Defining Moment pretty much bored me most of the way through, leaving me pretty much ready to go slap a mitt against my face as hard as I could. Not really, but I like to sound dramatic.

I must admit that this is the first AIO sports episode Iíve ever hated. What I like about Adventures in Odyssey is that they have never taken the sappy ending spin on a sports story, until now. In the past weíve seen newer and creative ways to make a good sports episode without making it sappy (Examples: The Winning Edge, And the Glory, The Secret Weapon)Ö which is why I became bored this time around. Everyone shouts and screams that theyíve won the game, and then they finish off the show by getting free ice cream, an act of celebration in nearly every movie (not necessarily with ice cream).

A situation of irony in this episode struck me. It was odd hearing, for the first time ever, Mr. Whittaker order some sort of ice cream dish from his own shop. Itís understandable that he had the opportunity, for Ed Washington runs the Connellsville Whitís End. However it was another one of those odd moments you almost never hear, and would probably never hear if there werenít a Whitís End, Connellsville.

I really sound as if Iíve been nitpicking this episode, donít I? Iím sorry if I offended any of you sports lovers. I like sports, but I just donít like hearing lame reenactments on fictional dramas and seeing them on movies.

The portrayal of Ed Washingtonís decision between his son and Ashley was a good one. Itís interesting to see how much we really do care about our kids in sports, rather than making a score. But youíre hearing this from a guy whoís never been into sports, soÖ translate it as you wish.


The Rating

Acting was pretty decent for the most part. Marvin Washington seems to be improving. The sound design was well done, and I liked how the music introduced us to a sports episode in the beginning. I give The Defining Moment 3 out of 5 cones.

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