Episode Reviewed: It's All About Me (517)

Writer: Kathy Wierenga & Marshal Younger

Director: Bob Hoose

Production Engineer: Bob Luttrell

Original Airdate: 5/17/03

Rating (Out of 5 cones):


It's All About Me

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Episode Summary: Connie decides that she should start a Kids' Radio advice show. Trent worries that he's getting credit for something he didn't do.


Theme: Credit; honesty (Matthew 6:1)

Welcome to ‘Ask Dr. Wise.’ The doctor is in for your questions about anything and everything.” [Connie Kendall]


The Review

Wow, this episode really reminded me of And the Glory! In that episode, Lawrence Hodges steals all the credit on Jimmy’s KIDS Radio coverage of the little league games. The same happens with Connie and Mitch in It's All About Me. Connie becomes jealous of Mitch when the reviews start pouring in complementing Mitch’s good advice, when in reality, Connie is the one with the valuable insight. Things get so bad that the show’s name changes to ‘Ask Dr. Wise and Professor Brilliant.’ Even though some episode ideas accidentally and/or purposely end up repeated, it’s interesting how different they are from one another. Did you notice that ‘Ask Dr. Wise’ sounds similar to ‘Ask Dr. Phil?’

I liked hearing Connie and Mitch argue on KIDS Radio, just like Jimmy and Lawrence and their endless conversation about Crinkle Cut French Fries.

It's All About Me seems almost as if two split episodes with basically the same moral have been merged together. You can hear a lot more of those in the general area of the album Risks and Rewards. Two different stories are intertwined during the episode, ending with two resolutions. I liked it a lot back in the day when AIO did a lot of episodes like that. However, if they ever decided to go back to split episodes, I would most likely ram my head into the nearest refrigerator, stick my head in the sink, turn it on, allowing it to flow over my head, just to see if I was really understanding what a horrible catastrophe had returned. I would probably boycott Adventures in Odyssey or something… Nah. I could never do that.

It was really good to have Jared DeWhite back in Odyssey and for a visit. The terms ‘Prank Man’ and ‘Pathetic Man’ were a little on the corny side, but it was interesting to see how the story turned out. Jared’s little brother Trent was a good addition to the show, however, I would greatly like to see an improvement in his acting in the future. He sounds like he’s reading most of the time. And did I hear right? Trent mentioned in this episode that he and Jared are out of town (Odyssey) and are trying to build up their reputations. If so, then they won’t be on the show for long. That doesn’t settle well in my stomach if it’s true.


The Rating

I actually don’t have very many things to talk about in this review. Everything was well done, the music was nice, and the episode was quite enjoyable.

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