Episode Reviewed: BTV: Behind the Scenes (515)

Writer: Nathan Hoobler & John Fornof

Director: Marshal Younger

Production Engineer: Jonathan Crowe

Original Airdate: 5/03/03

Rating (Out of 5 cones):


BTV: Behind the Scenes

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Episode Summary: Alex Jefferson turns a microphone on the BTV crew to see what happens behind the scenes of the popular show.


Theme: Unity, working together (Psalm 133, I Corinthians 12)

We’ve been doing this show for a long time. We know what we’re doing. We’re professionals.” [Bernard Walton]


The Review

This is probably one of the most interesting BTV episodes I’ve heard in a long time. The fact that it was a behind the scenes look at the production of BTV made it a lot more interesting than actually “watching” (can you call it that if you’re only listening?) the show. Maybe I’m so pleased with this episode because Nathan Hoobler wrote it? I’ve heard several Nathan Hoobler episodes and I think this one takes second place on his list of shows. The first was The Triangle, which was adapted into a behind-the-scenes article (read it here). Interestingly, BTV: Behind the Scenes was also adapted into a behind-the-scenes article as well (read it here).

BTV: Behind the Scenes is a very captivating episode. Unity made for a perfect theme in this show because the characters were not practicing unity as they taught lessons about unity. As I read in Nathan’s article on this site, the theme for the episode ended up being unity and worked out perfectly. Boy, am I pleased that they did the topic of unity!

Speaking of unity, I thoroughly enjoyed hearing the disorganization of the characters as they scurried to and fro, trying to get into place and make sure everything was going exactly as planned. Towards the end when Bernard talked about unity, I chuckled to myself when I heard whispers going on in the studio, attempting to put out a fire. I really like how Nathan Hoobler thinks. Maybe I should tell him to put more odd things on his PalmPilot?

And now we come to a hard part for me. In recent episodes, Alex Jefferson has become well-known around Odyssey for his sarcastic behavior and generally nice attitude. He was introduced in The Eternal Birthday and has long changed since then. That’s why I’m so sad to hear him in BTV: Behind the Scenes. It’s his last appearance. He will not be returning. That is disturbing news for a fan like me. Alex was my absolute favorite character in this era, and his departure will leave an empty microphone on the show, or at least in my brain. Even seeing his cousin Cal leave the show got to me as well. I don’t like change. I don’t like constant new characters. I like it the way I like it. Good thing Alex had the opportunity to say at the end, “This is Alex Jefferson, signing off.” It puts some closure to a melancholy realization.

Going back to unity for just a moment, I can just imagine all the unity necessary to put this show together. Word has it that this show was a tough one to create. The actors were really put to a test with their parts and the writing of this episode took more than one person.

Mr. Feldstein was a real hoot. It was obnoxious to listen to him for more than ten seconds, but I can put up with the guy if I have to. I’m glad that AIO (or Nathan Hoobler at least) tries to tie people and places from the past together to make the series look like it connects. I really like it when AIO does that. It adds more value to the individual episodes themselves rather than thinking they’re just a one time thing that the characters will forget about years later.


The Rating

Great music (though not much of it, nor necessary), sound design was wonderful, and I guarantee you’ll enjoy this episode. I give BTV: Behind the Scenes 5 out of 5 cones.

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