Episode Reviewed: Room Enough for Two (514)

Writer: April Higgins

Director: Marshal Younger

Production Engineer: Bob Luttrell

Original Airdate: 3/29/03

Rating (Out of 5 cones):


Room Enough for Two

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Episode Summary: Liz is excited to see her older brother Mark come home until she finds that Mark has brought home a surprise...a girl named Natalie.


Theme: Selfishness (Philippians 2:4)

“I’m afraid of this, and I’m a little bit afraid of you.” [Liz Horton]


The Review

I must congratulate AIO, as well as Lauren Schlaffel, for changing the way Liz Horton turned out to be. In the past Liz was a self-centered brat that only wanted pizza for herself, but now that she’s gotten a little older and matured, I’ve been very pleased with what’s happened to her. I can’t say that there are many kid characters on the program right now who are 3-dimensional. Although Liz isn’t quite the 3-dimensional character I’d like to see (yet), she is heading in the right direction. We actually get to meet Liz’s parents and get to know what’s going on with her thought life, something we don’t get to see in too many of the characters these days. Most of the new characters are just there, there to throw in a joke every ten seconds, there to star in an episode. Liz, however, is going beyond what all the new characters have been. Well, at least that’s my opinion. These thoughts would have never entered my mind a few years ago when Liz was still a brat.

Speaking of 3-dimensionalizing the characters, I was very glad to meet her family; Mark Horton especially. I got to see the close relationship he has with his sister Liz and the way it is being tested throughout the episode. Is it just me, or did Mark sound very similar to Jared DeWhite at times? (It definitely wasn’t him though).

Natalie was a good addition as well. She has that sentimental, caring attitude that I like to hear in good drama. I think it’d be interesting if the writers of AIO decided to check in on how the pre-marital counseling is going, or perhaps, how the wedding plans develop. We’ve never actually had the opportunity to see how weddings are planned on AIO (Don’t even dare mention Plan B – Missing in Action, For Whom the Wedding Bells Toll, etc.).

One thing that stood out as unrealistic in Room Enough for Two is the fact that there is a country called Rakistan. Yes, we’ve heard about Rakistan in A Name, Not a Number, but for some reason, tying it into the story this time wasn’t as realistic. The whole saga of Mark returning to war in Rakistan seems as if it could happen, but perhaps AIO is just trying to help listeners to relate at this “War on Iraq” time?

Room Enough for Two was very entertaining for me. I prefer episodes with drama rather than light-hearted, funny jokes every two seconds. I like to be entertained in a way that actually impacts me after I’m finished listening. I like to think about what I just listened to rather than to turn off the tape player and walk away unaffected. Good job, AIO!


The Rating

All in all, good episode. Getting to know the Horton family a little better is what I have been waiting for ever since they re-introduced the “changed” Liz. I give Room Enough for Two 3 out of 5 cones.

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