Episode Reviewed:
The Pact I & II (511, 512)

Writer: Nathan Hoobler

Director: Bob Hoose

Production Engineer: Bob Luttrell

Original Airdate: 3/08/03

Rating (Out of 5 cones):


The Pact

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Episode Summary: Something's bothering Agnes Riley, but what is it? Tom, Whit, and Mandy must put together the clues.


Theme: Living with an eternal perspective (II Corinthians 5:20)

"That’s normal for patients like Agnes. They can behave so normally that you wonder why she’s in here, and then the next minute she’s lost in her own thoughts, her own world, and as helpless as a child." [Doctor Jennings]


The Review

Since Nathan Hoobler joined the team at Adventures in Odyssey, I’ve been pleased with every episode he’s written. The Pact is no exception. For some reason, Nathan takes a different angle when he writes. And now I’m pleased to be reviewing this addition.

It was good to be able to hear a classic mystery again. We hadn’t heard a two-part mystery since long before the Novacom Saga stepped in. The mystery of Agnes Riley will always be present in the series I guess. She’s naturally a mysterious woman. She wasn’t introduced until The Other Woman, and even then she was set up to be mysterious. I thought it was rather interesting that Agnes Riley recognized her good friend JO in Mandy’s face… and the fact that JO was someone we knew all along on the series made for a bigger surprise.

I don’t really have many comments for this review. Everything was very well written. The music, written by John Campbell, was composed to fit perfectly in each scene, and the sound design was excellent. However, getting to the acting…

All the actors sounded as if they were meant to be part of the episode, but Tom Riley (Walker Edmiston), did not. I was negatively annoyed to see how Tom reacts to the status of his wife when he says, “Agnes is missing!” The way in which he said it sounded as if he was reading it on a piece of paper. I noticed a downgrade in Walker’s acting several times in the Novacom Saga, so hopefully he’ll pick up and do better in the future.

I was feeling a temptation to post in this review who JO is, but I’d rather not if you’re shopping around. We’d probably better just leave it that way. Hopefully you’ll purchase a copy before next August 2nd.


The Rating

All in all, this episode was very mysterious (as it should be), fun to listen to, and kept me on the edge of my seat. I give The Pact 5 out of 5 cones.

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