Episode Reviewed: For the Fun of It (510)

Writer: Torry Martin

Director: Marshal Younger

Production Engineer: Allen Hurley

Original Airdate: 3/01/03

Rating (Out of 5 cones):


For the Fun of It

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Episode Summary: Talia decides to get back at her father by spending a week in Odyssey with her uncle. But her uncle proves to be a big surprise.


Theme: Don’t try to grow up to fast, having fun

"You have a pet fish named ‘Fish’ and a pet cat named ‘Cat?’ ... I can’t believe this. Horse is a dog?" [Talia Bassett]


The Review

Just for the fun of it, I decided to listen to For the Fun of It again before reviewing it. And you know what? It was a lot of fun.

Ever since Welcoming Wooton, I have been wondering what happened to Wooton when he was a child. It was nice to be able to learn more about Wooton, especially since we just found out he’s a twin! Does that mean Talia’s father looks exactly like Wooton, or are they fraternal? I was expecting Wooton to have grown up as a very neglected child that would spark bad memories later, but I was pleasantly wrong. Instead I learned that Wooton was probably not allowed to play with toys as a boy. Alas, we’ve now met Wooton’s brother, who, incidentally, doesn’t like to (or has forgotten how to) have fun. His daughter has the same problem.

Talia was a very good character to bring to the AIO timeline. I feel that Talia may appear in future episodes. Not necessarily a lot like Whit, Connie, and Eugene, but may pop in every once in a while as Danny Schmidt did in the past (remember him?). Bringing an elegant rich girl to the program has probably been a good step for the program. She doesn’t live in a house… she lives in a manor instead, and she doesn’t even know her butler’s real name. And I’m rambling for the fun of it.

Talia’s character, I must mention again, was a good addition to the show. The actress that plays Talia did a superb job and I hope she shows up again soon. It’s just too bad that AIO introduces characters and forgets to check up on them every once in a while. That’s probably what happened to Danny Schmidt, not that I was very fond of the brat or anything. I’d like to see Talia show up for a few more visits, learn how to drop the stuck-up accent and behaviors, and possibly move to Odyssey with her father. I’m interested in getting to know all of Talia’s family, and not just her, as well.

Wooton and Mrs. Randolf together make an interesting friendship. Anytime Wooton’s making his rounds delivering mail, you can expect him to stay for a minute to talk to Mrs. Randolf, who seems to lose her glasses a lot. I liked the creative irony in the names of her pets. She has a pet fish named ‘Fish’ and a pet cat named ‘Cat.’ However, due to the fact that she has two dogs, she named one ‘Dog’ and the other ‘Horse.’ Very interesting. I almost wish I would have been that creative in naming my animals.

As always, I do have one complaint to throw out to you. In For the Fun of It, Talia and Wooton take some photos of her having loads of fun, all for the sole purpose of tricking her father into believing that she’s been Wooton-ized. Truly, she did admit to her father later that she was only joking, but what does that tell the audiences listening to Adventures in Odyssey? Does that tell them it’s okay to play pranks by deceiving people? Is it okay if we lie when we joke around for the fun of it? Am I making myself perfectly clear, or do I sound as if I’m deceiving you?

The storyline, music, and sound design were very well done, and the acting was very well done as well.


The Rating

In summary, I believe this has been one of the better episodes of the 2003 Winter Season, even though the moral may have been too basic (as in Why Don’t You Grow Up?).

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