Episode Reviewed: The American Revelation I & II (508, 509)

Writer: John Fornof

Production Engineer: Todd Busteed

Original Airdate: 2/15/03, 2/22/03

Rating (Out of 5 cones):


The American Revelation

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Episode Summary: Marvin Washington hears an often untold story of the American Revolutionary War.


Theme: American history: The Revolutionary War (John 15:13)

"Gentlemen, I have confidence. The men who built this fort are strong enough to defend it. And yet our strength is not enough. Take off your hats, men, as we beseech the favor of providence.

Almighty God, teach us never to depend on the arm of flesh, but only upon Thee. Amen." [Colonel Prescott]


The Review

Sometimes Adventures in Odyssey does things that I don’t like. A lot of things went on in The American Revelation which I wouldn’t exactly call beloved or dearest.

For example, the introduction of a new Imagination Station was a bad idea. For years, Mr. Whittaker displayed the old version of the Station in the Bible Room and it served its purpose and helped children to experience the Bible and/or history. Now this episode introduced an extremely advanced techno-gizmo that takes away from the classic, timely feel of Whit’s End. Whit’s inventing has taken him too far. The Imagination Station may have been unrealistic in the first place but I didn’t care. Now I care. Now that the machine holds up to ten people, has turbo lifters, and compression struts, I do not care to experience any more Bible stories or famous historical encounters. The Imagination Station isn’t what it used to be, so I’m going to protest. I guess the very unrealistic “Holographic Input Scanning Sequence” scared me away most of all. Supposedly, it has the capabilities of scanning certain objects (books, pictures, etc.) and fills in the rest of the information so a traveler can experience a little adventure about it. I hate that. It’s just like the Transmuter in that there’s scanning hardware. Oh yeah, let’s not even start commenting on the unknown woman‘s computer voice inside the machine. It’s very unfriendly, very stern, and very bad for business.

Another complaint I have about The American Revelation is Marvin Washington’s acting. Let’s just say that he needs a little more practice. A little more sinking in to play his part. The entire episode, I wasn’t interested in the storyline due to the fact that the main character in the story overacted. It became so obnoxious, in fact, that I dread listening to the episode again. And I must ask… why was with Marvin’s incessant oinking? It made absolutely no sense.

Even though Marvin could use some acting lessons, I can’t complain about the other actors. The British actors in this episode did very well on their parts and British accents on the show helped to give the history “feel” to the episode. You know, the patriotic sensation.

The music, written by Jared Depasquale, was very well done. As well as it may have been, I don’t think it fits in with the Adventures in Odyssey show. Music is important to an episode, and since they got too professional with it, it blows all other AIO shows out of the water. I’m not saying I didn’t like the music… I loved it! I’m saying that perhaps they shouldn’t have gotten so extravagant with it. I’d rather that Focus on the Family keep it on their Radio Theatre productions (which I like a lot). The music in this episode did help to intensify the battle scenes, however. I was very pleased in that aspect.

And why was Marvin oinking, anyway? It was obnoxious and annoying!


The Rating

In conclusion, I must say that this hasn’t been the most captivating of episodes, but I’m willing to listen when I get to that point in the series. I give The American Revelation 2 out of 5 cones.

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