Episode Reviewed: The Unraveling (495)

Writer: Bob Hoose & Kathy Wierenga

Production Engineer: Bob Luttrell

Original Airdate: 6/8/02

Rating (Out of 5 cones):


The Unraveling

Episode Summary: Connie goes to Maine to talk to Mitch's sister; the kids of Odyssey investigate buying trends.


Theme: Fighting for what's right


PARENTAL WARNING: Due to the intensity of several scenes in this show, it isn't recommended for younger children. Recommended maturity level: Ages 8 and up.

In general, The Unraveling was a very good episode. The episode kept me on edge the entire course of the show. I was pleased to hear from Rachel Mitchell. She tied up a few loose ends and clarified some things brought up in the past.

Unfortunately, as I always do, I must critique this episode. My main problem with this episode is the fact that Mandy had a homework assignment that conveniently ties in with the Novacom Saga. Mandy's teacher just happens to assign a project in which Mandy must research buying trends in Odyssey. Such a convenient way to cover the part of the show that would otherwise be hard to do. The buying trends idea was a good one. This was Novacom's way of seeing if their method of mind control was actually working, and a few weeks' worth of tests helped them to understand that they had created a good experiment. However, I do think it was cheesy that Odyssey citizens chose to buy birdhouses. Why birdhouses? Couldn't they buy something else?

The scene that Cal Jordan, Alex Jefferson, and Mandy Straussberg meet up with Rodney Rathbone, I think, was cheesy as well. Rodney Rathbone (the actor at least) overplayed his part and it began to get on my nerves. Rodney Rathbone didn't used to use such a high, fake pitch in the past. Why does he have to start now?

Robert Mitchell with his King - the grave of Robert Mitchell

I really appreciated what Connie read on Mitch's gravestone. It almost tempts me to have that written on my grave when I die! I'm not kidding! Somehow I knew that Mitch wasn't dead at the beginning of the episode (Connie said that Rachel was taking Mitch's death surprisingly well). I was even more convinced when Rachel Mitchell said:

My brother is a chronic overachiever... Was.

The word "was" was a dead giveaway to the listeners. Naturally, I wasn't surprised at the end of the episode when Connie caught Rachel talking to AREM on the internet, and Rachel had to tell the truth that Mitch was alive. I was pleased with the storyline, but I wished that they wouldn't have given any hints that he was alive until the end of the episode when they actually reveal it. Although I was pleased with Mitch's being alive, I wasn't pleased with the realization that this goes on in soap operas all the time. One day a woman's boyfriend is dead, then a month later he magically appears once again. Most of the time the woman has a new beau by then (and that creates problems for the guy who magically appeared again), but we'll leave that out for now. I'm just hoping that AIO isn't out of ideas and not resorting to overused ideas from SOAP OPERAS no less!

The recorded cell phone call from Justine Baker was very well done. Now I can see why The Unraveling has a parental warning.

I give The Unraveling 4 and 1/2 out of 5 cones. This episode was well-planned, and the sound design was very intriguing.

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